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    About CRESS Community Foundation
Mission Statement

CRESS Community Foundation is a non-profit service organization dedicated to raising money through donations and fund raising events.  CRESS relies strongly on volunteer efforts and focuses its' funding on area projects where this organization's support will make a significant difference in the community. Working with other non-profit groups /organizations CRESS Community Foundation will strive to aid others to improve and grow the community.  To assist with the economic development of the Cass County communities.

With the "C" standing for Community

  Ronnie Politi    
 Elaine Moulton
Sue Maxinoski
 Shelby Trimble

working tirelessly to fulfill our mission.

Meet our board members:

Lynn Schroeder
Sharon Simmons

Thank you to our hard working team. We are blessed to have the best volunteers giving so much of their time and talents to ensure all of our projects succeed. 
Treasure Trails Rummage Sale 5/17/13 
Sue and Ronnie getting ready to welcome Auction guests and register their paddle number.